The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

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Hammer Time

Hammer Time

It’s always difficult to review a Zelda game. Each game is always so similar and still maintains that level of quality and that particular gameplay that we’ve all come to expect; expect and love.

When Nintendo announced A Link Between Worlds it was always heavily suggested that this would be the Zelda game to shake things up, to change the pattern and revolutionise the Zelda world. Is that the case? In simple, no, A Link Between Worlds is still the same, familiar Zelda game that we all know and love, it just introduces a few more freedoms.

The familiar Zelda dungeon structure is still there, but rather than progressing in a linear fashion almost every single dungeon is accessible after the first. The idea behind this open-ended dungeon hopping is that the gamer can now decide when a dungeon is too difficult and thus come back, tooled up and ready to tackle the more vicious elements of Hyrule. The problem this presents is that none of the Dungeons are particularly difficult and can easily be tackled by any well prepared adventurer.

You're going the wrong way!

You’re going the wrong way!

Dungeon difficulty aside, each dungeon still follows the Zelda pattern of one or two particular items required to complete that area. Instead of finding the item in the dungeon, items are first rentable and later purchasable from the mysterious salesman, Rovio. Die and the items will be returned to Rovio, meaning you’ll have to traipse back to his sales outlet at Link’s house, which of course adds a degree of caution to your actions as nobody likes mindless traipsing around just to progress in a dungeon. The caution is quickly dispelled when you realise how easy A Link Between Worlds is and approaching any dungeon with every single item, fairies and magic potions will quickly instil a sense of invincibility.

Despite A Link Between World’s questionable challenge it is a brilliant game. The dungeons may be a little on the unchallenging side but they are brilliant, perhaps the best Zelda dungeons outside of Ocarina of Time. The thought that has gone into their design is simply incredible and the integration of Link’s new wall merge ability is fantastic throughout. It’s the dungeons and the adventuring of Link Between Worlds that propel this to one of the 3DS’ best games and you’ll soon forget there’s little challenge because you’ll be having too much fun.

A Link Between World’s is not as good as Ocarina of Time and it’s certainly not the second coming of Link. What it is, is great fun and very difficult to put down. This is one of the best Zelda games out there even if it is a bit on the easy side.

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