Retro City Rampage: DX Review

Retro City Rampage: DX Review

Rampaging around the 3DS…

Not a Super Leaf in sight...

Not a Super Leaf in sight…

It’s always difficult to review a new version of a game, especially one that you only played around a year ago but when it’s a title like Retro City Rampage it turns out it’s a fantastic reason to get stuck in once again.

It’d be very easy to say, “go and read the Vita review here” and that is exactly what I have just done, but Retro City Rampage: DX plays a little differently, feels a little more polished and comes with more features and revisions out of the box. It’s very much Retro City Rampage patched to the latest version and optimised throughout rather than being an entirely new game, which is great for those 3DS owners that never picked up the Vita or another version, perhaps not so great if you’ve played the original to death and wanted new content.

The biggest change and quite a game altering design decision was for the camera to be so heavily zoomed in. Whilst with the Vita version it was much easier to play the game with the camera zoomed far out, allowing greater threat detection and perhaps recreate that Grand Theft Auto vibe whilst driving around the city, the 3DS version with its far smaller screen has opted for a much more zoomed in experience and it’s far the better for it. The attention to detail and character of the game world really shines through when zoomed in and perhaps I’m imagining things, but vehicles seem far easier to control and handle through tight situations. It’s a definite tick in the box for the boasts of ‘definitive version on 3DS’.



The second screen is given over to the map. This may sound like standard 3/DS lazy second screen implementation but on Retro City Rampage: DX it’s actually a good thing; an essential thing mayhaps. With the screen so zoomed in it’d be impossible to have a map within the main screen as with the Vita version and simply giving the bottom screen over to a large map removes any need to pause and consult as often happened when playing on the Vita. It’s sometimes easier to navigate simply by watching the bottom screen, especially if you’ve ‘acquired’ a heavy vehicle that can plough through other road traffic. Of course to do this would result in you missing out on the graphical splendour that is a zoomed in Retro City Rampage: DX, but it’s still certainly possible and perfectly playable to navigate in this way.

There are more features to make this version DX, such as the graphical enhancements, a better camera, making it easier to lose the cops (although collecting a cop coin accidentally when trying to build your wanted level is vastly annoying), slight difficulty amendments and mission revisions. To describe all of these features would change this from a review to a synopsis so lets just say they’re all great and welcomed with open arms. Also: the revisions video is embedded at the bottom of the review just in case you do want that thorough breakdown and won’t possibly sleep at night until you know all of the changes.

Regardless of how different Retro City Rampage: DX feels, it is still Retro City Rampage with its beautiful open world, fantastic gameplay and laugh out loud funny moments. It deserves to be in any 3DS owners collection and should be sought out immediately.

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