Nintendo eShop Update 11/12/14


Nintendo eShop


It’s remake time as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy makes it to 3DS, all lovely and redone for that increased 3DS resolution. In another good turn for 3DS owners, Rune Factory 4 finally arrives in Europe. Critically acclaimed and very much in danger of never making it across the pond, now is the time to enjoy this RPG wonder.

  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy: £24.99. Three games, one price.
  • Rune Factory 4: £24.99. Farming with swords.
  • Battleminer: £5.99. If Minecraft was an FPS…
  • Fairune: £2.39. Like the iOS version but with a price.
  • Pyramids 2: £3.96. Solomon’s Key?
  • My First Songs 2: £4.49. It’s the first songs but the sequel?!
  • Hello Kitty Happy Happy Family: £29.99. Also available at retail.
  • My Life on a Farm 3D: £24.99. Also available at retail.
  • I Love my Little Boy: £19.99. Also available at retail.
  • I Love my Little Girl: £19.99. Also available at retail.
  • Navigation: Theodore: £2.69. Persona Q DLC.
  • Navigation: Elizabeth: £2.69. Persona Q DLC.
  • Navigation: Margaret: £2.69. Persona Q DLC.

Rune Factory 4 or Ace Attorney? Decisions, decisions…