Nintendo eShop Update 19/02/15

Post Zelda blues…

Nintendo eShop


After the fantastic week that was the last, with Majora’s Mask, Monster Hunter and Ironfall all launching, there is very little on offer this Thursday. Best play more Monster Hunter then, eh?

  • Chat-A-Lot: £3.59. It’s an app to chat with people.
  • Best of Arcade Games – Bubble Buster: £8.99. It’s Puzzle Bobble re-branded.
  • Best of Board Games – Solitaire: £8.99. It’s Solitaire.
  • Flap Flap: £7.19. Think Flappy Bird.
  • Luv Me Buddies Wonderland: £19.90. Also available at retail.

There’s some Theatrhythm DLC as well but other than that it’s a very slow week. Stick with what you’ve got, I reckon.